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FAQ's from Titan Drilling Corp in Arkville, NY


Facts about Pumps

When a sufficient water supply has been located, the next step is the pumping system. To assure proper flow, the type and capacity of the pump must correspond to the depth and capacity of the well. This is another key area where Titan's experience becomes invaluable for this important task. In most deep wells, submersible pumps are utilized. The pump is lowered into the well on the end of a plastic rigid pipe. Once installed, the pipe leading from the pump is connected to a storage tank.
A switch on the storage tank is used to control the desired amount of pressure, depending on water needs. Once these elements are in place, the results of Titan Drilling Corp's expertise can be fully appreciated by turning on your faucets.
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Water Filtration

Common water problems in our area consist of iron, clay, bacteria, sulfur, algae, and hard water. While some of these are simple aesthetic problems, others can cause damage to plumbing fixtures and appliances, as well as posing health issues.

The experts at Titan Drilling Corp can test your water and recommend a filtration system designed specifically to meet your needs. At Titan, we know there is nothing more important than good, clean drinking water.

Don't Forget to Add Water

People often spend many months, even years, making plans for a new home. No detail is overlooked as far as the structure is concerned. Of course, master bathrooms, Jacuzzis, and swimming pools are all very carefully blueprinted, but what about the water to supply these features?

Because many of today's homes are constructed in mountainous areas-where seclusion takes priority over convenience-water is not always easily obtained. That is where Titan Drilling's experience becomes key.

Since its formation in 1965, the company has drilled thousands of wells throughout the Catskill Region and outlying areas. The problems and solutions found in each job are carefully detailed for future reference. There are few challenges that Titan has not overcome during our lengthy drilling history.
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