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Well Drilling in Arkville, NY


Well Drilling

Creating most wells consist of two operations: drilling the hole and casing it. The hole is drilled straight down through the earth, semi-porous rock layers and solid rock until water is reached that will provide the desired amount of flow. A casing is installed into the hole to prevent earth cave-ins and to keep the well free form sediment or other impurities.


The first rule of thumb is that your well should be located at a safe distance from any source of possible contamination. While keeping this in mind, Titan also makes certain that your well location is convenient to point-of-use and that pumping equipment is accessible for maintenance.

Well Capacity

How much water should a well be able to supply? This depends on the needs of each particular customer. At Titan, we will review your situation-both present & future- and recommend the correct capacity for your specific needs.

Depth of Well

How deep are most wells? Titan's experience and knowledge of the region's terrain usually results in pre-drilling estimates that are very close to the actual depth of the well. However, the actual depth cannot be guaranteed in advance.

Drilling Time

The length of time it takes to complete a well varies depending on the factors such as rock conditions, size, and depth of the hole. Under normal conditions, Titan can drill and case a well in a single day. Even under extreme conditions, the process seldom takes more than two days.
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